OOH Production 

We are your one-stop solutions provider production house for OOH medium. We do provide manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, designing, installation, printing and maintenance to our partners.

We are capable of holding big projects on its own with considerable printing capacities. Our 24 hours production line operated in 2,300m2 work area equipped with different printer technologies to cover all markets need & requirement with 13,800 meter2 printing capacity daily mixture of vinyl & sticker printing.

 To be recognised as an excellent quality and reliable printing house in the industry, we had our product and service procedures ISO 9001 certified since 2014, making us the first printing house certified in Indonesia.

 We continue to set new standards within the industry and have enhanced ourselves with cutting-edge technology and skilled human resources.

To find out more information on our product, please visit https://pixelart.myprintdesk.net/.

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